Welcome to Petfriendly

What do your Pets want most from you? Have you thought about it?

We have. Here at Petfriendly, it's ALL we think about. All day, every day. They want to be with you; share your life, be your constant companions wherever you are... so, imagine a world where you don't have to leave them at home; where you can plan an outing, a day trip, a weekend away, a mid-week break or an end-of-year holiday that not only includes your beloved pets but actually caters for them!

For animal lovers like us there is nothing better and this is why, after 15years of continuous petfriendly networking and research, we can say without reserve: 

WELCOME to our Petfriendly World! 


WANT ACCESS? You can buy a copy of our unique 288-page printed travel guide, THE SOUTH AFRICAN PETFRIENDLY DIRECTORY, now in its 7th edition.

In it, you will find Petfriendly South Africa (now also includes Namibia)… 

  • Holiday Accommodation where pets are welcome
  • Beaches where pets are allowed
  • Parks where pets are allowed
  • Mountain Hikes and Trails where pets are allowed
  • Restaurants that welcome (and sometimes even cater for) pets
  • Coffee
    Shops that welcome (and sometimes even cater for) pets
  • Pubs where pets are allowed
  • Markets that welcome pets
  • Shopping Malls that allow pets
  • Wedding Venues that allow pets to participate and/or stay
  • Petfriendly Travel Club
  • Wine Farms & Estates where pets can enjoy picnics and wine-tasting
  • Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals that will look after your pets in emergencies and in general
  • Animal Welfare Societies and Rescue Groups countrywide
  • Informative and Interesting Articles on Travelling with Pets, Pet Etiquette, Training and Behaviour, Health, Petfriendly Retirement etc.

Enjoy life and Explore Petfriendly South Africa together... the way it should be.

Our mission at Petfriendly is to provide you - that special kind of animal lover - with information that will make it easy for you to include your pets in your lifestyle.

If you want to take your pet on holiday, you can now choose from a wide selection of hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, caravan parks, mountain cabins, self-catering cottages and secluded holiday homes, country inns, private nature reserves,  game lodges, guest farms and luxury apartments that cater to all kinds of budgets. From  the luxurious and exclusive to the rural and rustic; your dog, cat, bird, horse and even your rooster are all welcome!

For each establishment we provide a detailed Pet Policy. This unique feature tells you exactly what the rules are for each particular place.It tells you which types and sizes of pet are allowed, if any restirctions apply, e.g., no aggressive dogs or no barkers; where your pet will sleep; what other animals (if any) are permanent residents on the property; whether there is an enclosed garden; if there are any walks nearby and when your dog should be kept on a leash. It will also indicate if there is a charge for pets and if a Doggie Damages Deposit (always refundable unless your dog eats the furniture!) is required. The Pet Policy also indicates whether an establishment offers any extra servcies or amenities to travelling pets and their owners, like doggie menus and pet-sitting.

Petfriendly also features places to walk your dogs, petfriendly restaurants, coffee shops and markets where dogs are permitted. We have even identified petfriendly wine cellars and wine farms. In addition, we list pet products and travel accessories; pet services like doggy day care centres, dogwalkers, grooming parlours, pet spas, kennels and catteries; as well as dog trainers, animal behaviourists and animal healthcare practioners, both traditional and alternative. You can also find vets, animal welfare societies and rescue groups in the directory.