Cape Town (Fish Hoek) - Pet Buddies

cape-town-fish-hoek-pet-buddies-01For fun interaction with other dogs, bring your furkids to Pet Buddies Fish Hoek.

We have been offering secure, friendly BOARDING as well as DAYCARE for small dogs up to 10 kg since 2003.

Our boarders sleep in our house and play in our yard - which means they have human company most of the time.

We have a separate and secure indoor area for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice.

All dogs must be spayed / neutered if they are 6 months or older.  They must be free of allergies which might flare up, or disabilities that might cause the stronger dogs to bully them.  

Vaccinations must be up to date (including Kennel Cough vaccination).

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cape-town-fish-hoek-pet-buddies-05 cape-town-fish-hoek-pet-buddies-06 cape-town-fish-hoek-pet-buddies-07

When checking in, please bring:

(1) your dog's vaccination card, and
(2) the food they are used to at home (to prevent tummy upsets)

Facebook: Pet Buddies - Fish Hoek

Bookings are done via telephone only: 021 782 9299