Aquiles Dog Jewelry


Made with love for animals by Adriana Levi

“My love for gemstones and their magical properties has inspired me to make jewelry for animals. As I enjoy wearing gemstones for protection and healing I thought to help my dog Aquiles with his allergies which caused his ears and paws to itch.  This is what compelled me to make Aquiles Dog Jewelry."

Aquiles Dog Jewelry is handmade with the finest gemstones which are shaped as hearts, teardrops, oval stones and squares. Their unique properties are healing and protective and their design makes it the perfect gift for your pet.  Consider it pet ‘bling’ that is stylish, hip and practical.

Aquiles Dog Jewelry is made for the toughest Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse or Pot Bellied Pig! No matter what your pet, they will appreciate fine jewelry.

All products are made from Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy and as such they are rust-free and durable.

Tested and designed to be functional for pets that swim, run, play and always have fun, spoil your loving pet with Aquiles Dog Jewelry; It is the perfect gift!

Collars are also available now in the form of crystals on imitation leather, and crystal material and bandanas.

Our horse charms will be featured in the HQ magazine and our dog charms in Animaltalk, both in February 2014.

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