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the-royal-pooch-and-co-01The Royal Pooch and Co is a full service pet grooming spa, pet boutique and Deli in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Our upmarket shop and hands on approach will leave you and your pet feeling like royalty every time you step through our door. We offer services and supplies to dogs and cats of all breeds. At The Royal Pooch and Co we take the time to get to know you and your pet in order to cater to your pets’ specific needs while they are with us.


All dogs and cats are thoroughly groomed; properly bathed using only the best shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for dogs and cats and come in a wide variety depending on the type of coat and the condition of the skin and fur. After your pet has had a bath, s/he will be thoroughly dried, toe nails will be cut to the correct length, and ears will be cleaned and inspected for any signs of mites or irritation. Depending on the breed, your dog or cat will then be ready for clipping, scissoring and/or de-shedding. Our aim is to make your pet as comfortable and happy with us and to treat them like royalty. This will ensure their grooming experience will be a pleasant and happy one.

Be different and stand out from the crowd!

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The Royal Pooch and Co offers innovative services that will turn your pet into the talk of the town. You can also add the following onto your grooming appointment: Pet feather extensions, , Blueberry facials,  Pawdicures or even a relaxation massage. Call or ask in store for more information or ask to see pictures of some of our dazzling clients flaunting their stuff!

The Royal Pooch and Co, operates on an appointment basis only. Contact us now to book your next grooming session. If you need further information about the salon, or just want to chat about your dog’s first grooming session, please call us on cell number 060 655 3884.

The Royal Pooch and Co offers the following grooming services:


  • Short Haired Breeds - Bath, Dry, Nails clipped, ears cleaned, clean around eyes and Oral rinse
  • Long Haired Breeds - Bath, Dry, , Nails clipped, Ears cleaned, clean around eyes and Oral rinse. As well as any clipping or trimming required.

Grooming add-ons:

  • Flea & Tick Preventative
  • De-shed Treatment (cuts shedding down by 50%)
  • Healing Paw and pad treatment including a soak and Massage
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Feather Extensions for pets, A real must have fashion statement!

Puppy madness! For their first groom:

We believe in introducing pups at an early, impressionable age so that they will become familiar to the sounds, smells and the equipment of a grooming salon. Puppies are defined as from vaccinations to 5 months - please bring vaccination certificate.

R100 Small to medium puppies - brush, bath, drying, nail clipping and ear clean.
R120 Medium to large puppies – brush, bath, drying, nail clipping and ear clean.
R30 extra charge for a puppy’s haircut or a tidy-up


All breeds of Cat are catered for at The Royal Pooch and Co. We make sure your Cat is groomed in a caring way in order to give your Cat a stress-free grooming experience. We do not use leashes, restraints or administer sedation to any of our Cat Clients. All Cats are handled with patience and understanding. Badly matted coats are clipped down and undercoats are stripped without the need for anaesthetic - just a lot of consideration for the wellbeing of your Cat and plenty of TLC.

To maintain the right environment for your Cat, we avoid having Dogs in the Salon at the same time and we make sure there are no distractions. Very occasionally, some Cats who are not used to the grooming process will need to be rested if their stress levels go a little high. If at any time we feel things are getting too stressful we will not continue with the session and recommend a re-schedule of the appointment to complete the grooming.

In most of these cases, with the right approach, the Cat will continually increase its tolerance to Grooming.

Long hair cats – Bath Brush through and tidy up Or Shaved if matted
Short hair cats – Brush, bath and dry
Kitten intro – R120 brush, bath and dry

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Treat your pet to a respite of tranquillity and splendour with a moisturising Paw and Pad Treatment!

Your pet’s treatment starts off  with a moisturising and soothing Bubble Bath Soak for their paws made from a combination of vanilla and milk thistle calms your pet while revitalising their paws and pads. They will then receive a paw massage in order to soak in all the vitamin enriched bath oils. We then apply a paw and pad treatment to your pets paws and allow it to soak in, the treatment is made of a brilliant combination of soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins, which will restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads. The Royal Pooch and Co’s Paw & Pad Treatment will condition your pet’s paws leaving them rejuvenated and refreshed!

  • R50 with a grooming appointment
  • R65 without a grooming appointment

Feather extensions

the-royal-pooch-and-co-09Pet fashion always follows human fashion trends and the super HOT feather hair extension trend sweeping across America is no exception! Now it has landed in S.A. and is brought to you by the Royal Pooch and Co. in Fourways, Johannesburg.

the-royal-pooch-and-co-10This hot new trend is definitely heating up quickly. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and KeSha have been spotted rocking this style.

Even our adorable pups at The Royal Pooch and Co. pet grooming spa and Boutique in Fourways, are strutting their stuff in their own feather locks. This fashion statement is a definite do! So treat your furry friend (and yourself) to a new look that will have everyone’s heads turning.

Let your Pet stand out from the crowd and become the talk of the town!

  • Small Feather - R25
  • Medium Feather - R50
  • Long Feather - R60

Doggie Massage

You enjoy a good massage, so why wouldn’t your dog? Dog massages are available at The Royal Pooch and Co. We offer a 15-minute warm relaxation massage as well as a professional sports massage by a qualified sports massage therapist.

Advocates of canine massage will tell you it provides numerous health benefits: improved circulation, stress and pain relief, better digestion, and heightened immunity, amongst others. And aside from any medical benefits, there’s the simple fact that it just feels good.

A true dog massage is more than just petting. A combination of long, slow strokes, drumming, kneading and pressure are used on the entire body — muzzle, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, legs, along the sides of the spine, and down the tail.

  • R55 – relaxation massage
  • R120 to R250 for a sports and remedial massage depending on time spent and the size of the dog
  • Click here, for more info on canine massage

Collection and delivery: R60 within Fourways and surrounds. We can also deliver your monthly pet food supply for your pets when we drop them back at home.

At The Royal Pooch and Co you can rest assured knowing that each and every pet is handled by people who truly love and adore animals.

Address: Shop 11, Kingfisher Shopping Centre, 32 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg
GPS Co-ordinates: Latitude : -26.02878 | Longitude : 28.001463 5,266 E or 26 1’ 43,609 S and  28 0’ 5.266 E
Tel: 060 655 3884
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